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4 Jun 2011

Operation of Love

Congratulation on your marriage.
I have been classmates with Rei-san since primary school.
When we were students, we spent almost all of our time together.
When I opened the photo album of our primary school graduation ceremony.
There in the "future dreams" column, she had written "I want to be a cute bride".
Well, whether she's cute or not right now is a big question.
No matter what, since she has been able to achieve her youthful dream, as a friend, I'm very happy for her.
I have to apologize to Tada-san.
I'd thought that it would be great if Rei gave up getting married.
I've also thought about taking Rei away.
For fourteen years, the happy times, the sad times, the painful times, all were spent with Rei.
I truly felt that I was the only one who could bring her happiness.
The Rei that would start sulking when something disagreeable happens.
The Rei that would get angry when I skip my cleaning duties.
The stubborn and completely not straight forward Rei.
I'm the one who knows her best.
The Rei who looks strong but is actually very sensitive.
The Rei who always puts herself in second place, caring about her friends more than anyone else.
The Rei who is the best at washing uniforms.
The Rei who was always by my side.
The one who needed her the most was me.
But, in the end, I kept all these thoughts in my heart.
I was never honest in front of Rei.
She was always by my side.
The words that I thought I could say anytime.
In the end, I never said them once.
It's just one phrase.
But I've never even said it once.
I ...
I ...
I loved Rei.
To be honest, I still love Rei right now.
But Rei is getting married to Tada-san today.
Even though it is regrettable, she's getting married.
Because Rei's presence in my heart is extremely important.
It took me a really long time before I could say all these.
Rei, congratulations on your marriage.
Please be happy.
If you're not ...
If you're not ...
I really won't forgive you.

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